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Where can you go to find custom tailoring in Edmonton, AB? Kingsway Tailor is the place to go. We are well-known and respected in the community for being able to provide custom made suits that features a perfect cut and style. We perform expert suit alterations for single, double breast, suits with multiple colors, complex patterns, twill, exquisite fabrics and more.

How you dress in the world is important, whether you are a man or woman. We advise our customers that women are just as prone to wear business suits as men. The look, feel and fit of their suits will have the same impact as a man’s. The cut of your suit matters if you are in the business world and suits are required.

Consider these golden rules before buying a suit.

  • Get measured. People like to assume that they already know their measurements. The reality is that your body can change without you being aware. So, there may be little ego involved that you can easily overcome. Getting measurements will help set the record straight.
  • It is far easier to take a suit in than to let it out. Knowing your measurements ahead of time can help guide you in the right direction. It would be terrible to spend a lot of money on a suit and not be able to wear it for several weeks or months because you are waiting for alterations.
Not all tailors are created equal. This just happens to be a fact. It is neither a good nor a bad thing, but if you are conscientious about how you look, make sure your tailor is the right choice. We also offer style consultation. We will tell you everything you need to know.

Ask us about the term “bespoke,” and clothing that is made to order.

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