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Custom designed clothing is making a comeback around the world. Unfortunately, people are becoming aware that the expensive designer suit that they just bought is really made to fit a thousand people. People could also be paying a high price for a logo that millions of people are wearing. So, you have to stop and ask yourself if it really makes sense to spend your money in such a manner.

If you are looking for custom designed clothing in Edmonton, AB, then Kingsway Tailors should be your final destination when it comes to tailors. We tailor business suits, trendy apparel, classic cuts, custom dresses, latest styles, soft silks, bridesmaid dresses  and much more. We think individuality is critically important.

Your looks matter, make no mistake. We live in a world where people are continually judged by what they wear. You simply have to look at the evening news, pick up a magazine, or stand on a business street corner and people-watch. People are well-dressed and it is for a reason.

Many tailors report being overwhelmed with orders for custom-made suits, dresses, raincoats and wedding gowns.  Even bespoke orders are trending upward. You can also tell that tailor-made clothing is on the rise by the number of tailoring schools that are opening. It is now about designer quality and meticulous tailoring and couture.

Tailor made clothing is much the same as golf pros who compete with clubs that are made to fit. For the pro, it is all about playing at a higher level. Walk in or schedule a consultation. We are the expert suit designer that you have long been looking for. Become a valued customer for life.

For the well-dressed man or woman, it is all about looking, feeling and being the part!

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